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A Personal Perspective

This blog is a personal journey, expressing my perspective on life and the things that move me.

My name is Matt and I live near Chichester in West Sussex, on the South Coast of England. I am married to a very intelligent, beautiful and creative woman (her website is here). I have three children, two girls and a boy, who is the youngest and cheekiest, born with Downs Syndrome.

I’ve had a varied career from electronics and software to the police. Now my wife and I both work for different charities supporting the wellbeing of unpaid carers.

I was born in the 1960s, was brought up in an era of great technological and cultural change. When I was a child I was told we would be driving flying cars by now, however the truth is I am a proud owner of a 1969 Morris Minor 1000 saloon; my attempt at a mid-life crisis. It reaches a top speed of around 70 mph and its wheels very rarely leave the ground.

I play a variety of musical instruments that require blowing into, squeezing and strumming. I’ve played whistles for many, many years and prefer the more gentle tones of folk and meditative music. I have recorded on a few albums over the years, most of them you would not have heard of. It is my intention to share some of my creations on this website when I get round to it.

I hope there may be something of interest on this website. If you come across an advert or two then these are to help pay for the web hosting fees.

The views I express on this website are personal ones – I do not speak for any other organisation that I may be affiliated with.


If you have any questions, want to use some of my images (and unless stated in the post – they are mine), or other comments please email:


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