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Music – Some of my own tunes you can find on YouTube

Music – Some of my own tunes you can find on YouTube

My Music

Here are some links to my music on YouTube. They are either tunes I’ve composed or they are my take on some traditional tunes.

I play Chieftain whistles, Uilleann pipes (real ones on the welcoming) and an Akai EWI for saxophone and Uilleann pipe samples. The photos in the videos are all mine.

The EWI is a USB MIDI and is a surprisingly expressive instrument and great for recording. Here’s a link to the EWI.

I’ve been playing whistles and recorders since I was about 6 years-old. My mother brought home a wooden school recorder from a jumble sale one Saturday and I picked it up and squeaked my way around the house. I think one of the first tunes I learned was the theme to the 1970s TV Show ‘Kung Fu’ .

I have since played in many church ‘bands’ and events such as Spring Harvest. I have also recorded with and for the Hydro Aborigination album, Ishmael, Dave Bilbourough, Malc Garda’s Wave Album and on a few of the PrayerScapes albums.

I do sometimes play the melodeon too, but whistle are by far my favourite and I personally find them the most expressive. I only record original pieces or traditional tunes.

I enjoy almost any music that moves me in some way. I prefer to listen to someone playing sensitively and skilfully rather than a band playing a tune as fast and furious as it can – showing off doesn’t do anything for me. My favourite artists are are bands like Capercaillie, Altan, Solas, Iona, The Eagles, Madness, Queen and performers like Cara Dillon (and Sam Lakeman), Kate Rusby, Gregory Porter, Amos Lee, Mike McGoldrick, Tim Edey and many more.

Dean Cadalan Sámhach (Sleep Peacefully)

Undiscovered Journey

Ann Maguire’s Silver Wedding


The March of the King of Laois

The Parting Glass

I am Awake (Tá Mé ‘ Mo Shuí)

The Breath



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