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The March of the King of Laois – Uilleann Pipes on the EWI-USB

The March of the King of Laois – Uilleann Pipes on the EWI-USB

Impressive Uilleann Pipes Sample from Kontakt 5

March of the King of Laois, recorded using EWI-USB. The featured image above is of my Uilleann Pipes half-set, but they were faulty at the time of the recording.  So, I used my Akai EWI-USB and the Kontakt 5 sound library for the Uilleann Pipes. I think this is a really authentic in sound. I have played this simple tune on Uilleann Pipes many times and I would say it would be difficult for the ‘untrained ear’ to tell the difference.


The Kontakt 5 library has some interesting examples of pipes and they are not all good. However the Uilleann Pipes in their library are really easy to set up and use with an electronic wind instrument. I particularly like the Drone Latch switch that allows you to start and stop a drone. Also, I like the noise you can add to the end of a note. To get a good augmentation on a note, you have to give the note a strong attack.

The March of the King of Laois is a very well known traditional tune. I’ve heard it played by the Chieftains and many others. It has a regal  quality. You can see a King going off to battle, or perhaps even a wedding march!

The tune is known by several other names, for example,  Duncan Mac Rae of Kintail’s Lament, Rory O’Moore. I have played the tune as two ‘A’s and two ‘Bs’ in my recording but I’ve also heard it played ABAB etc.

There are many other experts on Irish history, so it would be best to inquire of them.  From my knowledge I believe the King of Laois was a leader of a rebellion against the Tudor Queen Mary.

My pipes are in a bit of a poor state now and there are other things I would rather concentrate on fixing at the moment. In the meantime,  I am happy to continue to use the EWI-USB and Kontakt 5, probably to the disgust of ‘real’ pipers out there.

I hope you enjoy the tune and it encourages others to look at other more creative uses for the EWI-USB.

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